Collection: Fashion Stylist

CC Fashion Stylist 

A personal stylist will encourage you to go through every item you have, let go of the things you are not wearing, and build a curated wardrobe full of hand-picked pieces to make you look and feel good.

My job is to accessorize your personality. You can look expensive on a budget. As women, we have it good, when it comes to dressing up. We can shop on the budget and make it look good. It’s all about the color, the material, and your body type that compliments your skin complexion. The style that will bring out your personality and speak volume. You can look high end, it’s all about how to you put it together.

As for me, I love quality over quantity. I love good quality shoes and a purse to accessorize what I am wearing. Not too big on earrings and necklace but don’t mind adding a little finish touch. Everyone may not agree. That’s fine. Here is where I step in. 

You are the mannequin. Let me accessorize you. I want to build your confident, shop within your budget, and speak volume by wearing you. With one look, I can make you over from head to toe. Your makeup, hairstyle, clothing, shoes, handbag, and accessories. You will speak volume gracefully..

Looking for a Stylist and need someone to help you bring back your classy, sass, or simplistic style. My service entails:

  • Personal Shopper
  • Delivery (in person or shipment)
  • Consultation
  • Styling
  • Fee for services starts at $25.00….


A one hour free consultation on zoom, to book, email me at